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Thornhill Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people based in the heart of the Thornhill and Harefield areas of Southampton. Everyone is welcome: the old and the young; the got-it-together and the battered and bruised by life; the convinced Christian and the unsure explorer.

We can’t meet together during the coronavirus crisis, but church doesn’t stop when the building closes – we’re family and you’re invited!  Join us online every Sunday morning – see the “Live Stream” link on this page.

Dee’s story

the things that you have wanted hidden will be washed away…

I belong to Jesus, but my life journey has taken me to dark and confusing places, away from the security of fellowship at times.  My pain, shame and anger has caused me to hide from God and His people. But I am reminded of Gods love, faithfulness and grace, in this prophesy, spoken at my baptism 35 years ago by a complete stranger. It has been a promise that I have held onto over the years in and out of fellowship.  I want to share it with you and I hope the prophesy resonates with you too

“Just as the flower is closed when it is raining and petals are closed around the flower so you have been in your life, you have been closed in so people can not see the real you, they have not seen the real self. The things that you have hidden, the things that you have wanted hidden will be washed away and you will know a cleanliness that you have not known and a purity that you have not known.

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