Whilst this is nobody’s favourite part of church life, we place a high importance on maintaining best practices in every area of what we do at TBC. Here is information about our current policy documents:

Policy Last Updated
Safeguarding March 2022
Data Protection October 2018
GDPR Privacy StatementOctober 2018
Health and Safety March 2020
Church RulesJanuary 2022

There are other policies that we don’t publish here on our website but which can be obtained by members of TBC from the Church Office:

Policy Last Updated
Streamed service editing September 2021
Full Health and Safety Policy June 2021
TBC Design GuidelinesFebruary 2018
Worship Leading ValuesJuly 2021
Preaching ValuesJanuary 2018
Small Groups ValuesDecember 2018
Children and CommunionMay 2018
Electrical SafetyDecember 2019
Computer UseMay 2020
Fire Safety and Emergency PlanJune 2021