Deep Sea Divers Holiday Club

Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th April 9.30am – 12.30pm

Plus “Deep Sea Divers/Messy Church Mash Up Family Finale” on Saturday 6th April 10.00am – 12.30pm A light lunch and Easter treats included. (Children must be accompanied by an adult on this day)

Holiday Club Parent Café will be open daily on all three mornings from 9.30 till 12.30. Please do drop the kids and stop for a cup.

£5.00 per child for the week,  max £10 / family

This Easter….
Climb aboard a submarine and get ready to dive deep into the sea, through shallows, the midnight zone and down into the trenches at the very bottom of the ocean. What animals might you meet? How long will it take? Will there be any light at all on the ocean floor?

Deep Sea Divers invites children to become divers and explore the oceans – diving deep into the sea while learning about Jesus, possibly for the first time.

Deep Sea Divers is going to be three mornings full of fun and antics, games, crafts, Bible stories, singing and generally having a great time in a safe environment.  If you are in school years R-6, we’d love you to join the adventure!

If you would like to join Deep Sea Divers, simply fill in the form below, you will get a confirmation email in a day or two (it isn’t automated so bear with us). If you sign up online you will need to pay on the first morning.

For more information please chat to Ellen.

Reserve your place here (please complete the form once per child):