Beryl’s story

Beryl’s story

My God is an amazing God!

I can’t remember a time in my life when I was not a Christian, but it was in 1976 that I had a real encounter with Jesus.  Since that time I have prayed daily and listening to God has become second nature.

Having lost my husband in 2011, I believe God led me to Thornhill Baptist Church but without the miracle purchase of my bungalow it would not have been possible.  Not having sold the matrimonial home I would have lost the bungalow had an aquaintance not given me a cheque for the full purchase price of the bungalow.  I have, of course, repaid in full but God must have had his hand on me, the giver and on TBC.

I have found a welcoming church congregation that has met my emotional needs and met my loneliness with friendship.  My God is an amazing God, why not come and meet him for yourself?

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