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Thornhill Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people based in the heart of the Thornhill and Harefield areas of Southampton. Everyone is welcome: the old and the young; the got-it-together and the battered and bruised by life; the convinced Christian and the unsure explorer.

We’d love you to join us, we’re saving you a seat… That seat can be in the church building at 10.30am every Sunday morning or it can be in your own home if you join us online. Either way, you will be extremely welcome – we’re family and you’re invited!

To join us online see the “Our Latest Service” link on this page or the “Online” link for our older services.

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We believe God changes lives…

Karen’s story

God has promised to provide my needs. I only need to stand on his promises…

Recently I was the victim of a scam which resulted in me losing a considerable sum of money. When I found out I was shocked, hurt, upset, angry and I felt cheated and violated. After a short while I took this to God and really shared with him all that had happened and how it made me feel. As the day passed my thoughts on it started to change in unexpected ways. Firstly I realised it was only money and in my life I have had worse things taken from me – My innocence, my childhood, my home, my children and very nearly my life – but God has been there, has brought me through and helped me overcome. I got a new home and from there have been able to develop to the home I have now. My children were restored to me, I have a close, strong relationship with them and the lost years with them are being replaced by a close relationship with my grandchildren.
Our latest service

Astrid Vaswani - 26th November 2023

Miraculous Births - Samuel

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