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Thornhill Baptist Church is a community of ordinary people based in the heart of the Thornhill and Harefield areas of Southampton. Everyone is welcome: the old and the young; the got-it-together and the battered and bruised by life; the convinced Christian and the unsure explorer. Together we are getting to know God better and learning to love Him and our neighbours better too.

We’d love you to join us, we’re saving you a seat…

Kellie’s story

no matter how much I pushed him away God always had a hold of me

During my teenage years I started heading along the wrong path, getting involved with people and things that were no good for me. I spent many years far from God, rejecting and even denying his existence.

Several times during my life I lost all hope feeling I had no reason to continue but, with what at the time was described as a miracle, I am still here.

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