Going away from home together as a group is a vital part of our youth-work programme.  We have three residentials planned for 2018:

Youth Weekend

Our youth weekend this year is taking place March 9th to 11th and everyone in school years 7-13 is invited!  We’re going to keep you busy with all kinds of outdoor pursuits, lots of fun games and activities and times of worship and meeting with God.  There’s also going to be plenty of time to chill out and relax.  We are going back to Fairthorne Manor, a YMCA centre just up the road near Botley.  It’s a beautiful location with comfortable dormitories (mainly in rooms of four) and full catering, and they offer a range of outdoor activities all of which will be overseen by their fully qualified instructors.  They also have extensive grounds that we can use for sports, wide games, camp fires and so on.

For the last two years we have run this weekend jointly with Thornhill Vineyard church and this year we are inviting a couple more churches too – we're looking forward to all spending the weekend together!

You can download an information leaflet here and a booking form here.

Soul Survivor

Soul Survivor is the premier Christian youth event in this country, drawing around 30,000 young people every year for five days of high energy worship, top quality bible teaching and a huge array of seminars, live music, entertainments, sports, competitions and so on.  It all takes place at the East of England Showground near Peterborough.  The event itself starts on the Saturday evening and finishes the next Wednesday evening but we will camp Wednesday night and travel back on Thursday.

Dates for 2018:  18th to 23rd August.

More information, price and booking forms in the New Year.



Dynamic was launched by five Southampton churches and now draws young people from as far afield as Chichester and Guildford. It is an action packed Christian residential camp for people just finishing school years 6-9 which includes sport, craft, worship, Bible teaching, small groups, evening entertainments, the chance to make lots of new friends and a day trip. Older teenagers (year 11-13) can sign up as junior leaders—speak to Paul if you’re interested in that.

Dates for 2018:  28th to 31st August.

More information, price and booking forms in the New Year.