We are a group of people at Thornhill Baptist Church who are deeply concerned about the destruction of the beautiful world God created. We also care that it is the poor who suffer most when the earth is damaged.

What do we do?

We are committed to:

  1. Giving advice about how we can individually lessen damage we do to the earth by living sustainably.
  2. Supporting our church family to become a ‘green’ church and so advancing God’s plan for His world.
  3. Educating ourselves and others about creation care issues.
  4. Thinking through how we can change economic policies nationally and globally to save the planet.

We think God cares about these issues so if you do too, why not join us?

‘Green’ church?

With the leadership team’s support, we as a church are currently participating in A Rocha UK’s Eco Church scheme, undertaking an audit of how ‘green’ TBC is, and looking at ways of improving.

Watch this space!

Contact: Tim or Peter for more information.