Leadership and Staff teams

We currently have two ministers, Astrid and Paul Vaswani, who joined TBC in 2015 as our Community Minister and our Family, Children’s and Youth Minister respectively. Together with five deacons they form the Leadership Team of the church.  Two other support staff, Karen and Lizzie, keep them all in order.

Astrid Vaswani
(Community Minister)

Astrid loves crazy hair colours, coffee shops, being a mum and cooking the odd curry or two.

Paul Vaswani
(Ministry Team Leader and Youth Minister)

Paul loves running, loud music and good curries, not necessarily in that order.

(Children and Families Worker)

We’re recruiting! Do you know the right person to join our ministry team?

Rob Ainslie

Rob’s great passions (apart from his family and being a church leader, obviously!) are running and craft beers.  Not usually at the same time.

Matt Clarke

Matt is a keen Saints fan and works hard keeping the books balanced at TBC.

David Goodall

David is a family man, with twin boys at university, and a keen local politician.

Gareth Jenkins

Gaz is one of our worship leaders and loves tinkering with gadgets and all things technical.

Beryl King

Beryl balances leadership with running her own recruitment consultancy and pastorally visiting people with her dog, Charlie.

Mavis Peel

Mavis originally hails from Zimbabwe but has lived in Southampton most of her adult life.  For many years she and her husband have been foster carers.

Sian Tomlin
(Church Secretary)

Sian is a mum and a grandma and keeps almost retiring from being a Head Teacher, as well as being a busy church Secretary.

Karen Clarke

Karen works on the Art UK sculpture project two days a week and then works Mondays and Fridays keeping the rest of us organised at TBC.