Spotlight On…Messy Church

Since lock down began, we’ve missed meeting as a Messy Church family three times.  Right at the beginning, we were aware we needed to produce something for our Messy families to engage with and while at the start this was pretty much borrowing YouTube clips and setting up a series of videos for our families to view, very much like our own Sunday morning services, we have gradually been adding more and more familiar faces to the mix with our own videos.

I would very much recommend you check out this month’s Messy Church on YouTube, you can find it in the same place as our regular services in the playlists section.  Lots of people and Messy families were involved and while we have used YouTube content for part of it, I am extremely pleased with the effort everyone went to, to make it so good.

I think as with most things, we have travelled a steep curve in managing how we stay connected with our many groups and their families , with Messy Church being only one group, but we continue to surprise ourselves and I believe get better at it each time.

As well as Messy Church Online, we have sent our craft packs to many of our Messy families and I am finally nearing the end of my list!

Ellen Vargeson

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