From the Leadership Team…

We have been so delighted over the last few weeks of online services by the way so many of you have participated by sending in photos, emails, videos and so on.  Somehow it makes everyone feel a little bit less isolated during lockdown when we see people, or people’s artwork or words or whatever it has been each week, on the screen.  Please keep them coming!

This week the question we gave out was “How is God speaking to you?” and I have been genuinely touched and excited by the replies that we have had – you’ll get to see some brief quotes from them during the service.  Something that struck me though was that many of us feel quite unsure as to whether or not it really is God speaking, or whether we are just imagining it.  I have been thinking about that since recording the service and feel prompted to take you back to what was said last week…  Just in case you missed it, or tuned out a bit, or just because sometimes we need to hear the same thing more than once – I believe that God is speaking to you more than you expect to hear him!  Look out for the quotes in the service: I hope they will encourage you and build your faith up, I hope they will spark a longing to hear God more clearly, I hope they will inspire you to say “Speak Lord, your servant is listening…”  Because that’s what He loves to do.

Paul Vaswani

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