Message: “Reluctant Prophet” from Astrid Vaswani

Astrid Vaswani - 9th February 2020

Reluctant Prophet

Jonah: Runaway Prophet

Scripture References: Jonah 1:1-17

From Series: "Jonah: Runaway Prophet"

You’ve probably heard the story of Jonah… Nice guy, bit of a chicken. God tells him to go to Nineveh to preach but he’s scared of the Ninevites and so he runs away on a boat until there’s a storm and he gets thrown into the sea where he is promptly swallowed by a whale who then spits him out, conveniently, on the nearest beach to Nineveh by which time he’s realised the error of his ways and strolls up to the city and tells them about God whereupon the Ninevites all turn from their wicked ways and come back to God and everyone lives happily ever after. Right? Wrong. Join us for a fresh look at the book of Jonah, with the slimiest “good guy” in the entire Bible, racism, petty mindedness, cynical prayers and a healthy dose of sarcasm from God himself. It’s not quite what they taught you in Sunday School…

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