Message: “Jehova Rapha” from Paul Vaswani

Paul Vaswani - 20th February 2022

Jehova Rapha

“When I read about Jesus and his followers healing people, I realised that there was a gap between what the Bible told me should be the normal experience of a Christian and what I was actually experiencing. I wasn’t prepared to live with that gap any longer…” The Bible records a number of different names that God chose to use for himself, and each one tells us something different about his character and what it means for us to follow him and know him. This week in our teaching series “A.K.A.” looking at the Names of God, Paul spoke about God as Healer and encouraged us to bridge the gap between what we read and what we experience.

Scripture References: Genesis 15:22-26

From Series: "A.K.A."

The Bible tells us a number of differnt names which God has chosen to call himself, and each one reveals something about who He is and what He is like...

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