Message: “The Demand” from Astrid Vaswani

Astrid Vaswani - 3rd October 2021

The Demand

Sometimes you have a problem, and sometimes you find your own solution to that problem. And sometimes the solution you came up with turns out to be worse than the problem ever was in the first place… This Sunday we started a new series that we have called “Three Kings”… The king that God never wanted and yet who was filled with the Holy Spirit and prophesied under God’s leading. The “man after God’s own heart” and yet who committed adultery and murder. The king whose name became a byword for wisdom and yet who turned to idols… We are going to explore the virtue, vanity and outright villainy in the lives of Israel’s first three kings. This week Astrid is looking at 1 Samuel 8 – The Demand.

Scripture References: 1 Samuel 8:1-27

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