19th July 2020

“Out of our tears God gives us a testimony to share, out of our sadness God gives us a story to tell…”.

Welcome to our Sunday service – we’re so glad you have joined us.

We are in a teaching series that we’ve called “Dangerous Poetry” which is all about the message of the Psalms. Today Astrid is going to be speaking on Psalm 30, “A Song for the Rejoicing” (although the rejoicing comes later in the psalm).

After the service we’ll be having a virtual coffee time on Zoom at 11.45. This is our opportunity to catch up with friends and spend a bit of time chatting. If you’ve never joined us for one of these before we’d love to meet you, please do come and join in. For security reasons the Zoom meeting details have been sent out by email to everyone on our regular mailing list, if you haven’t received them please drop me an email and I’ll send the connection details over to you.

Click here to join the service.

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